Our vision

A humane Youth Ballet Company where each member grows both artistically and personally treading their own unique pathway.

Mission statement

Our mission is to create an artistic environment where different people and trains of thought merge and evolve through the common language of dance. We believe the arts have the power to make better human beings and forge strong, and sometimes, unlikely connections.

Arles Youth Ballet Company offers a structured course where technical growth is supported by varied repertoire and guest teachers and choreographers. Each young dancer is given opportunity to find affinities, differences and preferences and, consequently, to find their own voice and shine.

Respect for the other, mutual help and humility are paramount in this journey to become a successful and passionate professional ballet dancer. Culture is the fuel that nurtures and colours our soul.

Company's values

Arles Youth Ballet Company works with the following core values: Respect, Honesty, Humanity, Perseverance, Generosity, Passion and a strong, dream like!, enjoyment of Dance.