Alberto Missana


My name is Alberto missana,


I'm Italian, was born in 1974, graduated in engineering in Udine and I live in Cividale del Friuli, Italy.


My passion for photography led me to meet many people and carry out different activities including:


  . since 2015 I have been the official photographer of the Italian Red Cross International Dance Gala in Udine organised by the ADEB Association of Udine.

 . since 2017 every year I have been a regular guest at the "Obiettivo Cinema" Photography Festival in San Daniele de Friuli, Italy.

 . to date i have published 7 photographic-themed books.

 . I like to photograph and create monographs of professional artists, to share my activity dedicated to art, i created the website .

 . I am Vice-President of the Palmarino Photographic Club, one of the most active photographic clubs in Italy which has about 170 members every year.

 . I participate in exhibitions, competitions and various photographic-themed actvities.

 . I dedicate myself to promoting photographic culture through conferences and courses, to share the photographic projects of my students I created the website .

 . In 2020 I created the Instagram profile @alberto.culturafotografica for the promotion of photographic culture.

 . Since 2021 I am the official photographer of the AYBC- Arles Youth Ballet Company


   The complete list of my photographic activity is available on my website: .

   My website dedicated to visual artists is .

   The website dedicated to the projects of my students is .