Dance Science and body conditioning


Dance Science is a fast-growing area of research and study; it aims to investigate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of dance training and performance, combining a range of scientific disciplines into a flexible working practice for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers.


We want our students artistry to be supported by strong healthy bodies and want to use dance-specific research-based information to support the everyday practice of the Company.


Dance floors from the market leader


Choosing the right floor to ensure maximum quality and safety of our team was our first priority when designing Arles Youth Ballet Company. Our dance studio is equipped with a sprung floor and vinyl dance surface from Harlequin, to allow for the best jumping height without compromising our dancers’ bodies’ integrity. Harlequin has over 40 years’ experience in the development of floors for the performing arts and works alongside dance scientists to ensure the best quality. Harlequin is the market leader and the brand of choice for the Paris Opera Ballet, Bolshoi Theatre, Royal Opera House amongst many others and the only possible choice we feel AYBC could make.

Beginning of year screening
Screening is a set of measurements of movement range, strength, endurance and power that gives us an indication of where each student is at the beginning of the year. This information can be used as an injury predictor, allowing us to start preventing it from the get go, but also as a base line from where we can track the students’ progress though the year.

Rehabilitation Pilates

After an injury has healed, is equally important to monitor the return to dance. This will prevent re-injury and accelerate unrestricted practice.
1:1 Pilates lessons will be added to these students to aid a speedy and safe return to what they do best.

Pilates and HIIT
Pilates works from the inside out to developed stability and precision. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works on stamina and power. Weekly classes will be provided as part of the curriculum to make our dancers performance ready and injury free.

Performance enhancement programme

Our Pilates instructor and Dance Scientist will join the artistic staff monthly in the studio and later discuss each student. With each student’s unique characteristics in mind and past history of training and injury, we will devise 1:1 sessions towards bettering and developing each one to their best potential.


Through the school year, seminars will be held where we are going to cover different topics that affect the students everyday life in school. Topics will range from injury prevention and immediate first-care to nutrition, cross training, rest and relaxation and sleep.

Sessions will often have a theoretical and a practical component.