1. What will a normal day look like?

A day at AYBC will involve a combination of the following:
    - Pilates/Body Conditioning
    - Ballet
    - Boys technique

    - Point work
    - Repertoire
    - Pas de deux 
    - Contemporary

The percentage of time spent on each class will change according to the guest choreographer and/or performance at hand. We want the company to be fluid and adapt to the performing calendar, keeping a steady baseline of training, without imposing an overwhelming amount of technique classes on top of intense rehearsal periods.


2. What is the weekly schedule?

The weekly schedule, outside of performance time, is:
Monday – Friday: 9:30 - 17h (subject to change)

Saturday: 10:00 - 14:30


3. Who will be training us?

Head of Ballet: Norton Fantinel and Karina Moreira
International guest teachers
Pilates Instructor Cécile Canillade

Sport Instructor Maxime Favier


4. Are there set term dates like school?

The company year is scheduled to have breaks as described below. The specific dates will be adjusted according to the Performances’ Calendar of the year.(subject to change)

    - 2 weeks in December (Christmas)
    - last 2 weeks of July and August (Summer break)


5. What are the facilities like?

Main studio 300m2, changing rooms, physiotherapy room and kitchen area.

What level of French is needed?

All classes are taught in English but we strongly encourage all dancers to develop their French. We believe that discovering and taking advantage of the everyday life of Arles allows a richer experience and increases ones satisfaction with the programme altogether.


7. What are the goals/objectives?

This programme aims to train artists. The goal is not to develop soulless technical machines but a well-rounded, individual human who express their personality through dance. We want to give our dancers the best tools to become whole hearted artists with no labels.


8. Classical or contemporary repertoire?

We believe dancers need both classical and contemporary repertoire. We want to create versatile performers that are able to swiftly change gears and adapt to different choreographers and styles.


9. What are the entry requirements for dancers?

Our philosophy is honesty. We are looking for dancers with a high level of ballet and some basis of contemporary. The dancers will be assessed via a video audition comprised of barre, centre and a small classical and contemporary variation. The deciding factor is each students’ potential to become professional.


10. What about welfare and support staff?

The company has a Pastoral Care Officer and a Physiotherapist.


11. What would performances look like?

Performances will vary depending on the choreographer but expect to experience different types of repertoire in theatre and multiple sites of intervention (eg square, street).


12. Where will we be touring?

On our first year, AYBC will stay in France but contacts are being established to take the company through Europe and other continents in the coming years.


13. What is the company going to look like in the future?

We aim to develop a strong youth company that will inform a future professional company. We believe in authenticity and we want each performers’ identity to help mould the company.


14. What are my options for accommodation and transport?

The dancers can rent a room within the facilities of the school or at a nearby property. You can also free to find your own arrangements in Fourques or Arles. Regarding transportation, the town is small and students can move around by foot, bicycle, bus and train.